With the healthy and dynamic working environment, Nguyen Tran always welcome the potential candidates to work with. After that they will become the perfect missing parts for our clients’ media advertising campaigns.

Nguyen Tran is looking for Office Staff positions who are suitable for the conditions below

Job Description:

– Receiving official letters, papers sent to the company and transferring to the competent authorities for solving.
– Organizing the storage of the entire system of official dispatches, papers, contracts and related documents.
– Receiving labor reports of staffs (compensatory leave, unpaid leave, sick leave, annual leave…).
– Following and being responsible for managing the Company’s working schedule.
– Arranging for printing, photocopying documents when needed.
– Supporting to set up working schedule for leaders (taxis, restaurants, hotels, air tickets …).
– Being responsible for purchasing common property, equipment or appliances in the business.
– Supporting to manage facilities by storing related invoices, documents and contracts.

Job requirements:

– Graduated from university specializing in Accounting, Finance – Banking, Human Resources or related majors.
– At least 1 year experience as an administrative officer in the HR department or another equivalent position.
– Experienced in reception, event organization is an advantage.
– Proficient in Microsoft office.
– Able to speak a foreign language at an average level. Proficiency in foreign languages ​​is an advantage.
– Enthusiastic, thoughtful, careful, meticulous and observant.

Nguyen Tran is looking for Sales Executive positions who are suitable for the conditions below

Job Description:

– Introducing, consulting and persuading customers to use products / services of enterprises.
– Searching, maintaining and developing customer networks as well as potential partners in various fields.
– Solving customer problems and complaints to ensure customer satisfaction and reliability.
– Reporting to managers about customer needs, problems, concerns; competitors’ activities and potential in product / service business development.

Job Requirements:

– Graduated from University of Business Administration, Marketing or related majors.
– Experienced in working as Sales Executive or related positions.
– Proficient in MS Office tools.
– Familiar with CRM software is an advantage.
– Able to self-motivate, self-define specific goals and focus on implementing goals.
– Proficiency in sales skills, communication and negotiation to a variety of objects.
– Proficient in organizational skills, time management.
– Proficient in relationship management skills.

Nguyen Tran is looking for Customer Service Staffs who are suitable for the conditions below

Job Description:

– Receiving feedback from customers about the company’s products.
– Analyzing causes, make reports to improve errors at customers’ stages.
– Be responsible for quality issues arising at customers.
– Managing quality goals for customers.
– Performing other tasks as required.

Job Requirements:

– Graduated from College or above.
– At least one year of experience working as a CS is an advantage.
– Able to communicate in English.
– Able to work in groups, be agile, communicate well, be honest, withstand work pressure and high discipline.



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